Introducing OneOp! | Weekly Digest

Hi and welcome to the Weekly Digest! Each Monday we will send out a breakdown of what is happening that week, let you know about upcoming webinars, highlight a blog post that might be of interest, and spotlight a recent webinar that is still offering continuing education credits.

An Announcement

Coming March 2022:

As we enter our twelfth year of existence, we feel it is time for a change to better reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. We analyzed our values and mission as an organization and created a name that reflects those values: OneOp.

Mark Your Calendar

March 17 – Brain Health: Understanding Military-Related TBIs

March 22 – Understanding Buy Now, Pay Later Services

March 23 – Creating Equity During Family Visits

March 30 – Support for Reintegration After TBI: Strategies for Advocates, Care Coordinators, and Case Managers

March 31 – Assessing Malnutrition in the Adult Population: The Role of the RDN

Latest Blog Post

Military Families & Domestic Violence: What We Know & How We Can Help

As a result of the multiple transitions they experience, military families may frequently cope with increased hardship and extraordinary stress. Such challenges can weigh heavily on intimate partner and family relationships. In the midst of transitions, emotions are heightened and roles are shifted. Each family member likely responds differently to change. Therefore, frequent separation and reintegration of military service members can have undesirable impacts on families.

Webinar Spotlight

Federal Student Aid

Changes in financial circumstances over the past year may impact a family’s eligibility to receive federal student aid for a college-bound student. Borrowers currently repaying student loans may be able to benefit from extended COVID Emergency Relief forbearance measures. Participants in this webinar will learn why completing the FAFSA is so important, and other ways they can support families looking for ways to afford to continue their educations. Additionally, this event covers the process of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), student loan forbearance, and public service loan forgiveness.

Military Family Readiness Academy

Take advantage of this multidisciplinary approach to a complex issue facing service providers working with military families. The 2022 Military Families Readiness Academy asynchronous courses will focus on individuals’ understanding of social justice and equity (including their own understanding of privilege and oppression)