Military Families Learning Network

Terms of Use – Special Circumstances

1. Conference Presentations

Papers that have been presented at Military Families Learning Network or Military Families Learning Network–affiliated events are the intellectual property of the presenters/authors, even though they are published on the Site.

Permission to print or disseminate all or part of such papers is granted provided that the copies are not made or distributed for commercial advantage and that the title and authors of the paper appear on the printouts. To copy or disseminate otherwise, or to republish in any form, requires written permission from the authors.

2. Publications

  • Authors retain the copyright to their intellectual content, with Military Families Learning Network owning the copyright to the presentation, whether as a journal article, a book, or a monograph
  • Authors retain the right to publish their material elsewhere, and others may freely distribute it in electronic form, providing the original publication is acknowledged
  • Military Families Learning Network has the right to edit the material to meet its standards

3. Electronic Discussion Forums

The Site may contain chat areas, forums, newsgroups, bulletin board Services and other facilities that permit you to communicate with other Users. Use of these Services is limited to post, send, and receive messages and materials appropriate to the Service.

Military Families Learning Network does not regularly screen or monitor these Services; however, Military Families Learning Network reserves the right to review information or materials posted and to remove any such information or materials if it violates the intention of the Service. Military Families Learning Network reserves the right to block access to the Service by anyone who has routinely disregarded applicable terms of use guidelines and policies.

4. Military Families Learning Network Campus

Military Families Learning Network offers premium Users (“Submitters”) the ability to submit fee-based Content (“Course/Event”) to the Military Families Learning Network Campus and designate a fee for such Course/Event (“Course/Event Fee”). To learn more about how to submit a Course/Event to the Military Families Learning Network Campus, please visit MFLN Campus Procedures. By submitting a Course/Event to the Military Families Learning Network Campus, Submitter warrants to Military Families Learning Network that Submitter has the full right and authority to the Course/Event, and in all intellectual property rights in and to the Course/Event, to permit Military Families Learning Network to offer the Course/Event to its Users of the Site.

Military Families Learning Network will remove any Course/Event from Military Families Learning Network Campus upon the written request of Submitter. Military Families Learning Network will endeavor to remove the Course/Event within 7 days of receipt of a request to remove but in no event will that removal occur later than 10 days from receipt of the request.

Military Families Learning Network will remit to Submitter on a quarterly basis the Course/Event Fees collected by Military Families Learning Network in the three months immediately preceding each quarterly payment date, net of any transaction fees and 5% retained by Military Families Learning Network. Notification of any changes to the payment of transaction fees or the portion retained by Military Families Learning Network will be made not less than 90 days prior to implementation and will take effect at the beginning of the calendar quarter next following that 90-day notice.

Military Families Learning Network will provide to Submitter a written report on or before each payment date detailing the course attendance, faculty member, gross Course/Event Fee collected, the transaction fees, the 5% retained by Military Families Learning Network, and the net amount of the transfer. Reports and their associated payments will be made within 30 days following the end of each calendar quarter.

5. Paid Content and Subscription Services

In addition to the Content available for no charge through the Site, you may be offered the opportunity to purchase, subscribe to, or otherwise obtain access to premium Content (such as a Course/Event), or other goods or services, through the Site for an additional fee. Unless otherwise indicated on the Site, purchases or subscriptions made by you through the Site cannot be exchanged and any fees or charges in connection with those purchases or subscriptions are non-refundable. Any purchase or subscription will be subject to any terms and conditions displayed in connection with the purchase or subscription in addition to the Terms of Use and by accessing or using any premium Content, you agree to be bound by the following additional terms and conditions:

You use the premium Content at your own risk and you are personally responsible for verifying its suitability to your needs. All information that you provide in connection with a purchase or other transaction through the Site will be accurate complete and current.

Charges and Billing: You are responsible for providing a valid bank account, mobile services account, or other payment methods at the time of registration for an account. You represent and warrant that you are an authorized user of such payment method, and you agree to pay all charges resulting from your account at the prices then in effect, including any unauthorized charges incurred prior to notifying Military Families Learning Network of such charges. You agree that Military Families Learning Network may pass any payment information and related personally identifiable information to its designated service provider(s) for their use in charging you for your selection. If you have specified direct withdrawal from a bank account as an applicable payment mechanism, you grant Military Families Learning Network the right to debit the bank account associated with your account for all fees and charges incurred for such premium Content. You are responsible for payment of all costs associated with payment by wire transfer, or through third party invoicing or accounts payable service providers. All charges are exclusive of sales or other taxes and you are responsible for payment of any applicable state, local, and city taxes. Military Families Learning Network reserves the right to modify or terminate membership plans, change prices, or institute new charges for any Content at any time with at least thirty (30) days’ notice.