The Forward March: The Journey from Military to Civilian Life| Anchored. Episode 7

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Life is full of transitions and change for all of us, but are especially prominent for our military service members and their families. The transition from civilian to military life when joining the military and then the transition back again after retirement can have its own unique challenges. These particular transitions, especially retirement, can look very different for military service members and their families than those in the civilian world. This podcast features one man’s story of his transitional journeys into the military and then out of the military through retirement and the ways in which he navigated through them.

Guest Bio 

Alex Mainor is a  Veteran of the United States Air Force with over 20 years of service. He has more than 15 years experience in community service providing Homeless Management Information Services. His background in data management systems, program development, and non-profit sustainability extends over two decades.


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