Disaster and Hazard Readiness in Action

The 2021 Military Family Readiness Academy series Disaster and Hazard Readiness in Action focuses on the skills, contexts, and situations military family service providers may draw from and navigate as they manage disasters and emergencies within their professional fields. This collection of courses builds on the basic concepts of disaster and hazard management, including impacts and responses, planning, collaboration, and mitigation.

Learners can choose from a range of courses that will prepare providers to support the readiness and wellbeing of military families during disasters and hazards in areas such as caregiving, children and family needs, nutrition, and finances. Courses offer guidance on how to work effectively with families during disasters and hazards, and many will draw from recent and ongoing situations providers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dialogue is a central component of this series—lessons learned, resources, and insights will be shared across panelists and speakers, and participants are encouraged to contribute as much as possible.


This series is part of the Military Family Readiness Academy. Learn about the Academy and other series offered by visiting the Academy homepage.