Connecting Communities in Asset-based Community Recovery

by Bob Bertsch

infographic of community coming together for asset based recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some really difficult challenges, but it also has revealed some opportunities for building better systems and communities. The Asset-based Community Recovery (ABCR) Framework can help us recognize those opportunities and take action to create our future.

Inspired by ABCR, the MFLN Network Literacy team, organized a series of workshops bringing military family service providers together to share their stories from the pandemic. Eight themes emerged from those stories: drawing of ideas around identification or strengths and values to support asset based community recoveryground yourself in your strengths and values; make deep connections; adapt, flex, and be resilient; apply technology to community, and community to technology; invest time in leisure, in learning, and in yourself; share the work (and love); and watch for opportunities to think big. These themes, along with action steps and stories have been gathered in “Connecting Communities in Asset-based Community Recovery,” a colorful and informative resource for building community assets to prepare for future disasters. You can download this incredible resource at


Bob Bertsch is a web technology specialist / Agriculture Communication.  After more than 20 years in communications, education and web technology, Bob has found a passion for building human networks, especially those focused on collective action. He seeks and shares insights on weaving collaborative networks and on developing a culture of innovation through his work with North Dakota State University Extension Service, the Military Families Learning Network and as the host of the “Working Differently in Extension” podcast.


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